Tomio Okamura (in Japanese : 岡村 富夫, Okamura Tomio, born 4 July 1972 in Tokyo, Japan) is Czech republic an entepreneur and politician of Czech, Japanese and Korean origin. Since October 2013 he is Deputy of Chamber of Deputies of Parliament of the Czech republic for Movement of Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) to which he candidated in early election in 2013. He is also founder and chairman of SPD. His previous senatorial mandate of an independent candidate since October 2012 in Zlín district expired as a result of his election as a member of Chamber of Deputies . According to public research, Okamura was announced as most popular politican in Czech republic in autumn 2013.

In 2012 he announced his intention to run for president in the Czech presidential election, Ministry of Interior refused to register his candidacy due to insufficiant number of signatures on petition sheets, less than two thousand sigantures were missing – the rest valid almost fifty thousand signatures were collected by Okamura and his supporters in record time  – less than three weeks before the application for registration.

Early life and background

Born in Tokyo to a Japanese-Korean father and a Czech mother. Okamura came to Czechoslovakia for the first time when he was six years old. He spent in Japan 10 years in total. He spent the part of his childhood in children´s home in Mašťov near Podbořany where he experienced bullying causing his stutter until he was 20 years old.

In his youth he worked as a dustman and later a popcorn seller at cinema in Japan.

Since 2004 he works as a volunteer in the Association of Czech Travel Agencies (Czech: Asociace českých cestovních kanceláří a agentur, AČCKA) where he worked as vice – president and a spokesman in same time. For a long time he was patron of Endangered Children Fund (Czech: Fond ohrožených dětí, FOD).

Personal life

He has a son named Ruy from three years of marriage with the Japanese wife. He has two brothers, older Hayato works as interpreteur and translator, younger Osamu is architect and university teacher.

Business activities

He started his business in 1994 mainly in travel industry and the gastronomy. He also started publishing a quarterly Beer magazine (Czech: Pivní magazín). He is a author or co-author of several books. His book Tomio Okamura – The Czech Dream (Czech: Tomio Okamura – Český sen) just after publishing in 2010 ranked among ten best-sellers in the Czech Republic. In the spring of 2011 his second book Art of governance (Czech: Umění vládnout) was published. In 2012 he wrote a book Art of living (Czech: Umění žít). In 2013 he wrote two books – Art of Direct Democracy (Czech: Umění přímé demokracie) and Big Japanese cookbook (Czech: Velká japonská kuchařka).

Okamura has been a judge on the Czech version of British BBC television programme Dragons‘ Den, known as Den D in the Czech television.



In October 2012, he candidated in Czech Senate election as an independent

In June 2012, Okamura, well known for his aim to introduce a direct democracy, announced his candidacy for the 2012 Czech Senate election as an independent candidate in Zlín region. In the election held in October Okamura led after the first round of voting, having received over 30% of the vote. In the second round, Okamura was successful in a run-off against region governor Stanislav Mišák, taking more than 66% of the vote and winning a seat in the Senate on 20 October 2012.

In Senate he joined the club for restoration of democracy – KDU-ČSL and independent. In February 2013 he signed the proposal of Senator´s group on prosecuting president Vaclav Klaus of high treason for the amnesty announced by him. The appeal was rejected by the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. Okamura also supported the constitutional amendment to abolish lifelong immunity of the public officials.16 Senatore mandate expired as a result of his election as a member of Chamber of Deputies .

Movement of Freedom and Direct Democracy (Czech: Svoboda a přímá demokracie, SPD)

Tomio Okamura is founder and chairman of Movement of Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD). Okamura´s SPD after registration immediatelly noted record interest, in the first three months 9 thousand of applicants filled application what meant the movement became one of the largest political party or movement in the Czech Republic.

The movement assert patriotism, direct democracy, insists on keeping our national values towards EU, tightening of immigration laws and refuses to tolerate maladjusted groups parasiting on most decent citizens. They want decent living conditions for seniors and support for families with children, reject tax increase, assert Law on Referendum, direct election and recall and personal, substantive and criminal responsibility of politicians.

Movement of Freedom and Direct Democracy, in cooperation with French Front National, wants to create a political alternative development in Europe. Cooperation of national states, not European superstate is demanded. They want to change political system of our country by direct democracy implementation. They refuse endless debt. The movement stands on the side of honest work and fair business. SPD is movement solidarity to the needy but with zero tolerance to maladjusted citizens. It continues in the programme whose bearer was and still is Tomio Okamura.

Opininions and attitudes

Okamura is most famous Czech promoter of direct democracy system whose example is Switzerland or Liechtenstein. He has insisted on strict defending national interests.